Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dreamer Catcher

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a half 

day workshop at Amitie....

with the aim to make this quilt by Michelle 


I even got to sew on a wonderful old Featherweight 


So for the last few months I have continued piecing 

the background...

lots of nine patch blocks...

These were then cut into four,

to make a disappearing nine patch...

then sewn back together,

until I had this!

I finally had the opportunity to go back for 

another session...

preparing my circles and leaves (feathers?) in the 


I foundation paper pieced these two sections....

but I am not happy with them.

So I have decided to hand piece them,

the perfect project for my upcoming Tassie Trek!

I'm using my recently acquired Cotton & Steel stash!

This pattern has not been released yet, but I will let 

you know if it is!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hoping to Finish...

these projects for the 4th quarter of the Finish-Along!

1. My Chuck Nohara blocks have almost run their course, 

 and interest is waning....

So I hope to have this together by the end of the 


2. My "Oh Christmas Tree" quilt...

which is only at this stage.

3.  My Spelling Bee quilt....

that needs quilting

4. And my newest 'start'...

Not my quilt, just what I am working towards!

a Dream Catcher quilt with lots of hand piecing and 


Linking up with the finish-along again!

Happy sewing!


Friday, October 7, 2016

A Follow-up...

As a thank you to Rose for all the Cotton and Steele 

fabric and blocks she sent me,

 I decided the Lola pouch 

would make a nice gift...

Some Jane Sassaman for the outer and Lighthearted 

for the binding?

The Lola is my 'go to' pouch pattern!

It goes together so easily,

with everything well explained!

I was glad I remembered I had these leather 


they do add a certain 'finish' to the whole thing!

 I have also wanted to make one of these....

for ages!

It is from "Patchwork Please" a very popular book 

from a few years ago!

And then I remembered I had a half-finished 

mug rug 

that was a perfect match!

I hope Rose drinks tea!

They are now living in the US, so I can share them 

with you !

I hope you love them Rose.

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Long time followers of my blog will probably 

recognise this quilt....

In fact it is one of my most 'pinned' quilts

 of all time!

Who knows why?


I pieced it and quilted it a LONG time ago!

Where I got the pattern!

But for some reason, the quilting was horrid and

even worse after the quilt was washed! 


So I unpicked all those stitches, and banished it to 

the back of the cupboard!

This week I gathered up my courage and decided it 

could not languish there any longer!

It's still not perfect but at least its finished....


I chose to machine the binding, just so I could be 


As they say, better finished than perfect!

Now I can move on to something else,

which is always a good thing!

linking up with Fabric Tuesday

Happy sewing!


Friday, September 30, 2016

Piecing it together...

On my last post, I showed you this...

I thought I'd share how I went about it.

I did hand piece it, slowly...

much like an Ohio Star, on-point....

 with curves!

Even the back is interesting to see the way the 

seams behave!

And here are all my September blocks together!

And the ones we've chosen for October...

Although I'm not sure I'll do the pumpkin...

Halloween is not significant to me, here in Australia.

Happy sewing! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Eli is certainly growing....


I tested a Halloween block for Nadra....

for her new Creepy Critters quilt pattern.

And have been working on my 

Chuck Nohara blocks...

This one still needs to be stitched...

I'm still contemplating the best way to tackle it?

And I finally got these 'mug rugs' out of the

 WIPs pile!

Have you worked on something fun this week?

Happy days!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Rose by any other name...

I had admired this quilt....

Rail Fence Quilt by Rose

and this one.....

Another of Rose's quilts!

on Pinterest recently, (one link is here),

to find that Rose, the maker, was offering her 

leftovers to me! 

Blocks Rose didn't have a use for!

After a friendly email exchange with Rose...

these beauties recently landed in my post box.

And heaps of 'scraps'!

 I haven't decided what I will do with them but there 

are plans being made!

I gathered up my meagre stash of

 Cotton and Steele... 

shopped for more at The Quilt Shop, in Eltham

with a couple of pretty fat quarters thrown in!
where they were having an amazing sale!

all playing nicely together!

So I guess I have another WIP or two to add to my 

never-ending list!

But the story doesn't end there....

Rose also included these pretty vintage circles,

which I am going to make into a mini 'quilt'....

of sorts, for my sister.

I am now making a couple of gifts to send back to 

Rose as a thank-you!

Happy sewing!

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